We three all got the train into Edinburgh today.  Even though it was the holidays it was busy, but I was lucky enough to get a seat.  I found it really hard to get motivated today even though I had loads on my to do list – probably too much in fact.  I have quite a few things half done at the moment, but didn’t complete anything.  I did manage to get to two meetings, neither was very productive.

I popped out at lunchtime today, and not for steps, but to do a few chores and to get a couple of things for BB.  I spent the afternoon eating sweets – opal fruits if you remember them!

I met the boys on the train home.  We all managed to get seats, though not together.  We then had to swing by the out of town shops to pick up my school uniform order, that is really BB’s school uniform order. The trousers are not long enough, so will have to be returned and swapped.

Once home, TT almost chased me out for steps – even though the challenge is over.  I hadn’t amassed 10,000 so I was happy to pop out, while he cooked!  I came back with far more than 10,000 steps.

I spotted these lovely poppies on my walk in the field in front of the ruined houses.

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