By Missycat

Sunday morning walk

This morning was warm,  cloudy and humid after last night's rainfall.  Zeus09smum, Zeus and I took our usual Sunday walk in Epping Forest and as it was so overcast didn't bother to take my camera, so phone shot it is.  I have a feeling that this brutish looking fly is one of the tachinidae family, but please correct me of I'm wrong.

In other news:  we took Violet to her school fete this afternoon where everyone seemed to have a jolly good time.  Her mummy had to work unfortunately and with hindsight probably shouldn't have gone in as on Friday night she walked (well ran really) into one of the glass sliding doors at the back of our house.  There was plenty of blood from nose and mouth, but nothing appears to be broken.  We are concerned though (I'm posting this late, Monday) that she may have concussion: we are seeing the GP later today.

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