By Kipsie

Phew! What an exhausting day

I've had. Watering plants up the allotment, picking sweetpeas, cutting up margarine tubs to make plant labels, then popping names on them for next weeks sale. (Currently scattered on the lounge carpet). Nipped up the library to print off the posters I've made so that I could photocopy ... disaster! Plan B. Ask for assistance from Cassiesmum :)
Watched the tennis in between snipping, & Googling to check my plant spelling. I'm a little rusty being away from the industry for the past 20 years. It's still in there, like Bucephalus. I'll explain ... A work colleague & myself went to for a mooch in a reclaim yard, oh, about 35 years ago, where we both fell in love with a pair of concrete horse head statues. Lynne bought one, I bought the other, we took them home to our respective gardens and gave them pride of place. At work the following day I asked Lynne if she had given hers a name .. Bucephalus she replied. Well I'd never heard of Bucephalus. I'd named mine Harold. In one of last weekends papers I was having a go at the crossword. One of the clues was - Alexander the Great's famous horse, second letter was a U ... 35years I'd waited.
Djokovic v Goffin which promised to be a good match then Djokovic turned on the pressure.  Then mixed doubles, Serena & Andy losing but a great match. Next Federer v Nishikori ... great play but I needed to go up to the allotment and pick more broad beans for dinner plus do a bit of watering. Had a chat with a couple of other 'maids' up there, watering, picking veg & sweetpeas.  Counted the potted plants up there that needed labels for the sale then back home. Federer v Nishikori still on so sat and watched that match play out. Plenty of spectators
Time to make dinner ... pheasant, pancetta & mushroom pie. I needed to use stuff up in the freezer. The pheasant was cooked, a tub of stock, a bag of herb stuffing, plus a roll of filo pastry. So just needed to fry onion, mushrooms & pancetta, make a roux, add the stock plus some fresh thyme & cream,  lastly the pheasant, let it cool slightly. Line the dish with filo layers pop in the filling cover & bake ... very very tasty with fresh broad beans etc. Plan to lift my first spuds tomorrow :)
Now time for bed yet again.

Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting .. .Wish I'd NOT got my tags mixed up .. I was thinking #sportive was todays tag when in fact it's tomorrows, so I give you plenty of spectators, watching competitors playing to make them rich, although I think it's more about the trophy for Federer.
I'd have given you a wide row of broad bean plants. There's certainly a good crop. That's my riches :)

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