By Kipsie

Signed confused.

It started with getting confused over yesterdays & today's blips, so yesterday got today's pic so it's only right that today I post yesterdays.

I woke early, was going to the allotment then remembered I had a 9am appointment at Torbay hospital, so faffed about out in the garden, doing a little deadheading as Cassiesmum, & two other friends were coming for coffee & allotment tour at 11. I had first apt with the dental hygienist who was very pleased with how my mouth was looking, & hoped that the rest of today's patients were as straightforward to deal with as me .. I wished them well as I left. Such lovely ladies. Nipped into Home Bargains on the way back through to buy some grass seed for the front "lawn", I use the word loosely. It actually resembles the base line on Wimbledon centre court. Needs scarifying, another scattering and then gentle rain for a few days to get it going. There's no hurry.
The maids arrived for elevenses, toured the plant sales area and managed a few purchases between them so that was a nice start for the Rowcroft Hospice kitty. Coffee & natter then time to check out plots 28 & 29 b. A few more plants went into the shopping bag plus a small bunch of sweetpeas each.
Lunch back home with hubby, then Wimbledon ... & relax. Not easy as I wanted to get back up the allotment and dig some potatoes for dinner. First 4 plants did'nt yield many, and some of those had slug damage. Hopefully they won't all be like it. They tasted good, so I guess that's all that matters. I retrained the vicious  blackberry/tayberry whatever, noticed that I actually had some blackcurrants, so picked those. Watered everything, & planted the last butternut & Turk's Turban squash plants.  I loaded the car up with potted plants that need weeding and top dressing before the sale. That was the boot full. A bag of compost from the community heap to put on the front border before I make a rockery went in the front passenger foot well, then it definitely was time to head back.
Freshly dug spuds, freshly podded broad beans with dinner tonight ... a real treat & so satisfying.
I hope to be back on track tomorrow .. with the correct subject/day/challenge

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting

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