Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

Making friends with the 50mm lens

When I used the Canon 5D, the 50mm lens was my favourite. Small and lightweight with a wonderful wide aperture and very sharp.

When I bought my first Sony - the A7 - I bought a 50mm Zeiss lens. I did not notice that it was a manual lens. I could not get away with it and it has languished in the lens drawer for a long time.

Yesterday, I needed the 50mm lens to produce the most accurate image of the 4 poster, so I unearthed it. Tonight I took it out on a short walk around the fields. The grasses are glorious. The 50mm coped quite well I thought!

I have been wiped out with tiredness today. I ventured to Corbridge to see someone who makes blinds. She had gone for lunch when I arrived, so I hung around for an hour, enjoying lunch in a tearoom during that time. She makes Roman blinds and not roller blinds and has a 10 week waiting list as it is. Home again to snooze through some of the tennis!

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