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By walkingMarj

A mini blipmeet

Who recognises this Edinburgh blipper?

Yes, it's Liz, aka flumgummery. She and her non-blipper husband, Don, are on holiday in the area. (I note that he had a Sony in his top pocket - enough said.)

We met at Vindolanda. In my opinion, this is the very best fort in the area and the museum is superb.

We had coffee and chat in the café. then spent some time together in the museum. Here you see a complex blip.It's not quite smoke and mirrors and it is a single image, but look carefully. Flumgummery is looking through the glass case where there is a reproduction of the horse chamfron, with the original on a shelf below. Don suggested that Liz and I should stand in front of the sign that says, "Shock and Fear". We declined, but I see it is in my image! I'm in the image too, along with a shadowy reflection of Don, himself. You can also see a model sporting Roman boxing gloves.

I came home via the surgery and the village shop in time to prepare lunch. Then I had a sleep. Much needed.

Off to check on Margret (next door) next.

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