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By ValC

Lady Lucy’s Walk

We spent the day looking round the gardens and parkland of Wentworth Castle near Barnsley. 
see National Trust Website
Our last visit was in October 2016  SEE HERE
A lovey place to visit, which has been closed since Spring 2017.
Now leased by the National Trust and reopened 8th June this year.
Quite a lot of work to do as the gardens have been neglected for so long.
A clever idea to use wild flower planting in some of the beds in front of the house.  See extra.
Also extra of the herd of fallow deer. Couldn’t get a closer photo as they ran off as soon as they saw us coming.
Other extra of the Victorian conservatory which was restored and reopened in November 2013.

However my favourite photo today is of the beautiful tall lime trees of Lady Edith’s Walk.
Named after one of the 1st Earl’s daughters.
The story goes that she fell in love with one of the gardeners, but because of the difference in their social ranking, was prevented from marrying him and eventually died of a broken heart.   Her spirit is said to have a presence in the gardens.
What a lovely story, even if very sad.

The dull start to the day turned into a hot sunny afternoon. 25C.
No rain, or thunderstorms.

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