By ArcLight

Dried out

I added the rose which some friends brought to our party a couple of weeks ago to the collection of dried roses, and photographed them. Despite taking many angles, I wasn't wholly happy with this compositionally speaking, but I cannot really say why....

Weatherwise, things were a bit grim this morning, so I decided not to cycle into the office, which had been my plan. Instead, after a lot of movement in recent times, I thought it would be nice to stay at home, and indeed it was. There was still a lot of stuff to sort out. Drying laundry to titivate. Desk to clear. Post to sort out. Emails to shovel. Invitations to respond to (generally in the negative because of the upcoming uncertainties). And a final check that the outfit is correct (it is).

By the evening, the weather had improved, so I'm enjoying an early evening continuing screen work, but this time back in my chair and watching the light as it develops outside.

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