An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

From art to avocados...


Poor David was supposed to be at the Scottish Open today with Kenny, Jim and Alan and I was supposed to meet up with the other golf widows for lunch and some retail therapy.  Of course the timing of Lola's spay put paid to that as there's no way we would have left her so soon after her surgery.  So a relaxing day at home it was.

I spent most of it drawing.  Every day the urge to create is strong so I am going with it while it's here.  It could disappear at any moment.  

I had so many things I wanted to create today that I had to stop and gather myself and prioritise.  In the end I decided to create simple line drawings of different flowers that I have photographed over the years.  By the end of the day I had six floral line drawings that I'm happy with.  I'll do some more tomorrow and once they are done, I will have a go at adding paint and see how that turns out.

Lola has been a wee star again today.  More tail wagging so she's definitely feeling better.  David make a rookie error when he took her out to do her business in the he forgot to loosen her suit so she wet it.  He put the inflatable collar on her while he washed it but she was terrified of if and sat glued to my side the whole time while she was wearing it.  Thank goodness we have the suit as I don't think she would have tolerated the collar for very long.

Back to see the vet tomorrow for her first post op check up.

Today's blip is of the avocado I had in my salad at dinner time.  At the moment all my spare time and creative endeavours are being taken up with drawing and painting.  My poor camera is being completely ignored.  Dealing with two creative outlets at a time is obviously beyond me!  Apologies! 

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