Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Early start this morning as my appointment with the nurse at the Health Centre was at 9.10am.  She took some blood and the results will be ready when I see my doctor on Tuesday.   Mary - the nurse - was a real live wire.  An oriental lady who was very bubbly and chatty.  She even danced.  As I left she said " Have a good weekend .... and try not to worry".  Try not to worry.  Well I wasn't worried until she said that.  Should I be worried now ?  I don't know.

As it was still a bit early to use my bus pass I had a wander into Chase Park  and spotted the Wild Flower garden - part of the Community Garden near the entrance.  There are raised beds  - some with vegetables and some with flowers and also hedge of raspberry bushes. I have added a collage in my Extras of some of the flowers.  And as you can see in my blip there is a beautiful patch of wild flowers.  The seeds were scatted by children from a local primary school.  I started taking photos and was approached by a lady who said she was on the committee of Friends Of Chase Park.  She was also taking photos - to post on the Facebook page to publicise an event taking place tomorrow. There will be live music, pizza, donuts, fairground rides  and stalls selling all sorts. Hope its a success.  We chatted for quite a while about this and that.

Musical link WILDFLOWERS by Dolly Parton

Then I got the bus to Gateshead and walked down to The Sage.  I had intended to collect a ticket which I had bought online.  However I was too early - the box office didn't. open until 12 noon.  Too long for me to hang around so I just walked back to the shopping area in Gateshead

Power went off this evening so I checked the fuse box.  The power switch had " tripped.  Kept " tripping " so I had to unplug everything and plug them back in one by one.  When everything was plugged back the switch didn't trip .... so I never found the culprit.  Very strange - and annoying.

The weather today was mostly dull and humid - then we had a torrential downpour in the early evening but it didn't last long. Glad it wasn't a rainy day as Neil and Rachael were at a wedding in a country house in Northumberland.  Rachael was a bridesmaid. 

Steps today - 12,084

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