South Uist has a special corner in my heart.

I first visited in the early 1990s, having never visited anywhere like it before.
Every time I come back, I feel in awe all over again.

The weather can be awful, you have to drive or cycle for supplies, and tourist "attractions" are minimal.


The light.
The solitude and peace with restorative powers.
The wildflowers on the machair.
The birdlife.
The ever changing colours of the sea;
cobalt, turquoise, cyan, azure, cerulean, indigo, aquamarine...
The sounds of birds and waves.
Passing places.
Thank you waves to fellow travellers.
Big skies.

I woke early to find that the previous night's mist had lifted a little, and walked down to the machair. My daughter came with me.
I was dawdling with my camera so she walked ahead, her jacket a yellow exclamation mark on an endless sandy beach.

Later, we swam in the sea.
Oh, but it was cold!

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