By pensionspoet

Garden makeover

I didn’t sleep that well - I think we were spoilt having a king size bed for a week, and now back to our double feels a bit small! I got up and made tea when Ralph, very noisily, let himself in via the bathroom window. The sun was out so I hung out one load of washing, then took the tea back to bed. We eventually got up about 9.00, Jon agreed with me about the size of the bed!

After breakfast we went to Lidl and did the shopping, then after coffee we started on today’s challenge - the garden, or rather one section of the garden. I’m really glad I took the ‘before’ photo, as we worked really hard from 11.30 until 5. Jon and Henry together designing, measuring and carefully cutting the sleepers to make a backdrop for the pond. There is still a bit to do, to get the water feature where we want it, and then I can start planting. I want to move my (badly eaten) hostas to this area, but also have other things I dug out of the garden. Lots still to do when I think about it, but for now a lot of progress made.

So very little else done. Another load of washing, with 2 more that will have to wait. At 5.30 we prepared bits for dinner, then got back on the running ‘horse’. The holiday had meant we had fallen off for a week. We decided to try a 15 minute run. We managed 20 and now I ache on top of my mountain climbing aches! We will try another 20 minute run twice more this week, then plan to return to the couch25k which said we were due to do three 25 minute runs. I’m also going to try harder to diet!! After the run I cycled to the allotment and picked a nice bowl of mange tout to go with our pork chops.

After dinner Jon and I walked to the allotment with Bracken, to feed Minnie and to pick more raspberries.

A nice hot bath, and now bed. Wish I had just one more day at home but it’s back to work tomorrow. 6 more weeks and then I get another week off....I can’t wait!!

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