Blue skies and sea

Finally the warm weather arrived so we decided to go up a couple of Marilyns west of An Cliseam. We first went up Tiorga Mòr and then dropped down to the glen before sweating our way up Oireabhal. It was very warm, but most of the time there was a good breeze to dry off the sweat. As you descend from Tiorga Mòr there is a good view of the overhanging cliff of Sròn Uladail; it is the steepest in Britain. From Oireabhal we dropped down to Cleiseabhal where the blip was taken. It is a panorama of the view south to where we had been yesterday and shows the mix of beach, land and sea that makes the Hebrides special in good weather. We got back to the van and decided to drive along to Huisinis to have a paddle at the beach. However, when we got there we found we could get a shower for a £1 in a recently built utilities block so that was more attractive. The collage is Sròn Uladail, St Kilda from Cleiseabhal, the beach at Huisinis and the threatening sky from where we stopped for the night.

Yesterday’s blip. 

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