Slimbridge scenes

We decided yesterday that we would go to Slimbridge today. It was very hot but we both like the summer season more than the winter. It is generally more tranquil and the wildflowers are lovely. The geese (top left) were stopping the goose and gosling (middle left) from getting out of the undergrowth. There were a few dragonflies and bottom left is a black-tailed skimmer, and then of course the obligatory cygnet and duckling.

We had a call to say our pond we ordered last Friday was ready for delivery and so we headed home, but disaster struck, and we were approaching temporary traffic lights on the road through Slimbridge which is a bit narrow and then it all stopped, the pick up truck in front decided to reverse and straight into the front of our car. I expected the front to look pretty bad, and it is pretty smashed up, but the full extent damage will not be apparent until they take the bumper off and check the cruise control radar and sensor. The guy who hit us had no visibility out of the back and took full responsibility and said he didn’t see us. Not much consolation as we have only had the car since the end of April. One of the reasons we changed our car was to be able to be with the Berkeley Vale dealership again, and they were great, gave it the once over and confirmed we were still road legal and the number plate was not too badly damaged to render it illegal. It was not a very nice way to end an otherwise lovely day, but we have protected our no claims bonus so we should be OK, and they should sort us out a comparable courtesy car.

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