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By walkingMarj

In and around Humshaugh - house renovation

I popped down to the surgery this morning. We needed more of the syringes we use for liquid medication. The numbers disappear when they are washed a few times.

Next to the shop there is a small cottage which has been rented out for years. People come and go very frequently. Now the cottage has been bought and the new owner is gutting it and renovating it.

This man and another were stripping the slates from the roof, before repositioning them and putting insulation underneath. "It's no wonder people did not stay long"

They were having a break so I stopped to chat and admired this man's braces. He does not tie his own flies, (I realised how awkward that sounded when I asked the question!) but he is a keen fisherman.

I usually like my portraits in mono, but colour seemed more appropriate today.

I've been at home and pottered on. The old/new curtains have hems and have been pressed. I've started uploading the information to the festival website. This is the last time I will be doing this job and I'm glad, although I have very much enjoyed learning how to manage and maintain the site over the last few years.

I made savoury carrot layer from the Cranks Cookbook tonight. It used to be a favourite and I suddenly realised that it is soft and Mum could enjoy it without any puréeing. 

We need to catch up on last night's University Challenge too.

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