By schorschi

Colored cottons hang in air

Missed yesterday evening's partial eclipse of the moon purely because it was at a shallow angle behind trees and I couldn't be bothered to take a short walk.

50 years since first Moon Landing this week and in a month, 50 years since  Woodstock where the words of my title were sung by Crosby Stills & Nash in the song "Marrakesh Express", an old favourite of mine.

The moonwalk only lasted 152 minutes & the Eagle was there for less than a day. Seemed back then an eternity especially the wait to see if the craft did actually manage to fire up & get them back to Apollo 11. Woodstock another magical memory that seems to have gone on for weeks but was actually only 3 days. Short events with a lasting memory.

Morning walk with Luna. I wasn't going to take the camera as was sure nothing special would be seen. Too early for the combines to be out doing barley. We were almost run over by a large van & covered trailer that shot past us at a junction of field tracks, neither of us had seen each other because of a high maize/corn field. They stopped 10 metres further on, right next to the small triangle of a field next to the train track which is now a wildflower, reptile & crawlies sanctuary. The grass apart from a 1m strip had been cut last week & left lying.

I was convinced they were planning to do some illegal fly-tipping from a building site indicated by the logos on the vehicles. Although they nodded smilingly as I squeezed past them, I knew they were villains. Then heard behind me the van drive away, Turned around to see two guys with large rakes start to collect up the grass! That's a lot of work but they know what they are doing. Leaving the grass/flowers for the seeds to dry and fall out before raking it together is exactly what one needs to do to increase wildflowers. And so took a photo of a lovely blue flower & bee on the very small remaining strip (Extra photo).

Forgot to mention that when I did my new honey bee colony two days ago, also checked the original young hive and everything was perfect. It looks like next week when the grandchildren are here, we can harvest a full box of honey.

Which brings me slowly to today's main photo. Yesterday evening had a long 3-way Worthing-Ireland-Bavaria family WhatsApp discussion as son J had failed to book his flight punctually and when he did, flights from Stanstead to Memmingen were ridiculously expensive. So he had to book Gatwick to Munich and today as he went to confirm his hire car booking was told a car booster seat would cost an extra €20/day. The things cost €10 new. When he was in France two weeks ago they charged €20 but for the full week. Anyway, sister Kate came up with a solution that will at least stop the hire company getting their bounty bonus.

Kate is the organiser in the family and has everything/one sorted. She will be flying to Memmingen with Ryanair. The plane in the photo is the Fez (Fes), Morrocco based Ryanair B-737 scheduled flight, presumably bringing back German tourists from Marrakesh & such exotic places.

Don't know if nowadays there are still "American ladies five-foot tall in blue" doing the Humphrey Bogart Casablanca Tour followed by the Bavarian Castles.

Getting excited......

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