Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Louvre Abu Dhabi

A bit of a spontaneous trip; last Friday when we had lunch with the Pastor and his wife, we discovered that Pam really wanted to go, so off we went today.

I got to drive their car there and back. We got there just after opening and as it was a weekday in the middle of summer, today's visit was much better than on World Museum Day! We just had to dodge two groups of Art Explorers.

I have chosen a small selection of the exhibits that caught my eye. We perused the Chapters for just over three hours. There are twelve in all, but two were closed for new art.

We had a quick bite to eat in their cafe and were home just before 5. Enough time to relax before meeting up with Miriam who is on her way back to the US. We ordered Lebanese from our local and ate at home before hitting a new hotspot that I have only just become aware of.

Quincy Jones (yes, the Quincy Jones) has one jazz club in the whole world, and it is here in Dubai - in the Palazzo Versace! We had to check it out. There's no minimum spend until September, so perfect! I should really post a picture from the evening for posterity, but I'm already two days late posting this journal, so will add that later.

We actually managed to get home just before midnight, after dropping Miriam back to her hotel. I didn't realise she had to be at the airport at midnight! A really good day and evening! :)

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