Northern Star

By Lifferz

Early morning walk

Slept badly because of the excess heat which resulted in me only sleeping properly from 5am. I had a bad nightmare which felt like it could have been taken from a Stephen King novel, it involved a rather creepy but calm and ‘friendly’ man going around trying to shoot people in their kidneys- it was horrible and I’m not sure where the dream came from, I don’t think I’ve read such a storyline or seen a film that influenced my subconscious that way. I woke abruptly.

I was persuaded to take and early morning walk with everyone and got this shot. I really felt tired but I guess it’s good to exercise first thing. I’ve only walked 3.5 miles but that’s decent for 10am.

It’s hot and hazy so I’m going to sit outside and read my ‘serious’ book (Dr Dina Glouberman - on burnout) and listen to some decent music for the first time in a while. I’m going to spend a bit of time talking to a very tame lizard that is currently playing under my book and uploading some of my better photos to a website so they’re not just sitting on my phone.

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