Homeward Bound ....

This will be short write up compared to the last five days!  Sorry the previous blips have been long ones but I wanted to document as much as possible …. Even if it’s only for my own recollection!

We pulled into the Port of Miami bright and early this morning ….. before 6:00 a.m.  I wasn’t up quite that early but Richard was!

We had no idea what to expect for the disembarkation but I was a little overwhelmed again! Just like the day we first boarded on Tuesday.  We had purchased the airport transfer to get from the port to the airport as our flight home is this afternoon.  We were told to meet in the Royal Theater at a specific time but when we got there we were told our group had already left!  Panic!  I was imaging the airport transfer bus leaving without us!  But thankfully it hadn’t! Phew!

We had opted to keep all our luggage with us so we didn’t have to find them in the luggage areas once off ship.  We were then able to go straight through customs and wade our way through the crush of people outside the port terminal.  We asked a Royal Caribbean porter where the airport transfer buses were and he took us straight to one …. there were multiply buses waiting!

We were soon on our way to the airport and arrived with plenty of time to get through security and to our gate.  In fact, we had about five hours to wait! But not knowing how long it was going to take for disembarkation I chose a late afternoon flight home.

Our flight home was uneventful and we are now home ….. actually for the past 50 days as I’m finally backblipping this holiday on July 21, 2019!!! If you want to see our holiday from the start .... click here.

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