Lavender on Broughton Street

When you reach the top of Broughton Street at the moment, you catch the scent of this lavender that grows in the garden of the St Paul's and St George's church. I blipped it this morning when Mummy hazelh and I headed up to John Lewis for a spot of shopping.

Today's big news, however, is that I attempted a (very short) run today. This is my first time out on foot on the cycle paths since 23rd September last year.  I have been forced to take almost 10 months off running due to the sore knee/leg that I reported three days later on 26th and took to the doctor for the first time on 2nd October. I'm pleased that I survived the course, but let's see how my joints feel in the morning!

It's Mummy hazelh's last evening with us so tonight I cooked a special dinner of kedgeree followed by fresh cherries in kirsch.

Exercise today: walking and 2.3 mile run (12,854 steps in total), 45 minutes on the exercise bike.

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