By dreaming

She shines

I took Sarah out to dinner tonight to celebrate her engagement.  Here you see her showing me the ring - wish the image were sharper.  We ate at The Monkey Bridge, a favorite Vietnamese restaurant across the street from our dentist's office (that's how we first found it.)  I'd almost forgotten how much I like Vietnamese food, and Sarah hadn't had any for quite a while, so it was really a treat.  They have started looking at venues for the wedding, which will decide the actual date of the wedding.  She is planning to have seven bridesmaids!  Seems an awful lot to me.  So Nick will have seven groomsmen.  There should be about 100 guests.  A lot of planning to do.

I got some other good news.  The Pastelerinas, Lex's painting group, have asked that I make them a 2020 calendar.  I made them for several years, with Lex giving them to the lades as Christmas gifts.  Then Lex said I should stop, as no one seemed particularly interested in them any more.  But now, when Lillian was packing up to move away to be near her children and grandchildren, she came upon the old ones and realized that she really loved them. The others all agreed, so there will be a new one.  That makes me very happy.

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