By dreaming

A tough task

I'm finding this job of following Marie Kondo's rules for making decisions about my clothes to be very difficult.  Now that I'm doing it, I can understand why she wants you to take ALL your clothes out of the drawers, cabinets and closets.  That way you have a place to put things as you're deciding which to keep.  But that's just not possible in my small apartment.  And of course putting all of it on my bed is out of the question, because I have to be able to sleep in it.  And I can't use the floor because of my back, and because Minkelina would walk all over it.  I've set up that white table that was in the workroom in the living room, but it's a lot smaller that I realized.  

So it's slow going.  But I did get through my t-shirts and thought you might enjoy these two which are my favorites, in addition to the one that says "A Women's Place is in the White House.".  I've had the cats one for many years and purchased the other after seeing a woman wearing it and asking where I might get one for myself.

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