Derelict Cottages

A day spent mostly cutting out little fabric C*******s trees. I have to cut a total of 640 - it is a slow process. Mrs madwill has spoiled me and bought and electric die cutter to use rather than the manual one I used previously - not sure my wrist would have been up to it. I am guessing the new toy is in lieu of wages ;-)

The day was only broken up chasing down a ‘non-existent’ parcel in Tadcaster… UPS tried to deliver something to the studio last week and we weren’t there so they took it to a drop off point in Tad (or so they said). The shop did not have it… anyway about an hour later I got a message from Mrs madwill to say it had turned up there - the delivery guy had another parcel for us and so kept the original one on the van and brought them together!

I could have cut 200 trees in the time I was out! However the bonus was the blip shot of these derelict cottages - they belong to the Sam Smith brewery owner - as do half the derelict buildings in Tadcaster. As I drove past them I noticed there was a clear shot - there is nearly always a car parked in front - or fencing around them!

Thanks to 60Plus for hosting Derelict Sunday

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