By HeidiHH


Today I've been cleaning some more closets. I picked up a bag full of stuff to give Jennifer if they'd fit her. All fit and all looked pretty good. I'm quite happy with myself. And I think she was happy with her new dresses, shirts and pants too.

I put one bag to collection for the poor in Spain. And I have one bag for the Welsh ladies who came back here today. I'm waiting to see what will suit them.

We went to cool down later this afternoon to the beach. But it doesn't feel like cooling anymore. The water is so warm and the sun and sand is so hot even at 6pm. As soon as you are out of water, you feel the heat again. Also the fishes are getting stressed about the warm waters as they are starting to nibble feet again. That is not nice. I know they can't really hurt me, but I do get panicy when they surround me and start to take taste.

The guy in the picture was having his workout on the beach. He did impressive poses and was nice to watch. I could never do that. Or any other of the poses he did on his hands. I wish I could so that. But at least I got my blip for the day!

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