By Bom

West Runton Beach

I really struggled in the hot and humid weather yesterday, not helped as we had several hours of storms which started at 10pm last night but which didn't lower the temperature as you'd expect. I gave up trying to sleep when I woke again at 6am and opened all the doors and windows hoping to cool the bungalow down. Then at 8am I thought I'd go for a walk on West Runton beach, hoping for a nice cool breeze.

I had a lovely walk on the beach as far as the outskirts of Cromer and then turned round when I noticed dark clouds approaching. There was no breeze and it was still hot (28C) and humid (54%), and I was nearly back when it started raining lightly. I noticed a couple of small landslides on the sandstone cliffs - I'm back next week for a fossil walk so that'll be interesting. Another storm here about 4pm - soooooo looking forward to the heatwave breaking down tomorrow even it that means rain as I'll feel well enough to actually do things!

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