By flavia13


Just a day at home today, a few household chores to be done (well Mum is coming, it's got be perfect for Royalty hasn't it!!!).  

Whilst ironing this afternoon I noticed the Baywalkers, I've never see such a huge crowd.  I knew they were coming as I noticed the tractors go out to to guide them, but not sure when they would arrive or if it would be cancelled.

I'm entering this for Silly Saturday because as you will see in the extras there are a couple of people using umbrellas!!  It made me chuckle.  My heart did go out to them, walking across The Bay in this weather, but it was the umbrellas.  They had come all the way from Arnside, followed a slalom type course laid out with driving rain, having to traverse in places fairly deep water AND some carried umbrellas - I shouldn't think they would have had any effect whatsoever except to blow inside out!!!

I would say thought that a huge respect to all those that took part on such a day as this would have raised huge amounts for a charity or may more than one.

Off to Thyme Out tonight for a Traditional Mediterranean Mezze Evening.  It's good to support local businesses.

Thanks for dropping by.  Hope you've all had a good day and will see you again tomorrow.

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