Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Art everywhere

I walked on a street called Concert Hall Approach today! :)

Still very pleased about the drop in temperature. G & I set out for London. We left later than planned, but that's OK. We are on holiday!

The heatwave and subsequent thunderstorms have caused travel chaos. The train we ended up on went straight from Surbiton to London Waterloo direct. I can't remember that ever happening before! We were there in less than fifteen minutes!

My blip is one of the sights I saw on the way towards Hungerford Bridge. We also saw the South Bank Centre for the first time ever, stopping for a cup of coffee. Our destination was Wydenham's Theatre in Leicester Square. It wasn't a long walk at all, so there was time to look at a few portraits in the National Portrait Gallery.

London was very busy. Just about every eating venue we went into had a waiting time or was buzzing. We eventually grabbed a snack at Pret a Manger and had to share a table with two other people.

The show we went to watch (The Starry Messenger) was good. The first time we watched a play rather than a musical! The theatre must have been newly renovated as it was air-conditioned! Woo hoo!

Three hours passed very quickly, and as there was still plenty of daylight and it wasn't raining too much, we wandered around a bit. We noticed a Dubai brand restaurant called Filli. They do a very good saffron tea, so we checked them out. Happy to say the tea is just as good over here.

We then wended our way back to Waterloo Station via Embankment and the Jubilee Gardens. We caught a train that only had one stop! It's been a very good day for being out and walking around.

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