More Street Art - Denver

A few days ago (here) I showed a selection of street art in Denver. Today I was in the area of Five Points just north of the downtown area. When I was living in Denver over 27 years ago, this was an area that was best NOT ventured into! It has completely turned around in recent years. First the artists moved in, and more recently the neighbourhood is becoming more gentrified. Part of the neighbourhood is called RiNo, for River North Arts District.

The area is well known for street art. I walked around all afternoon and I took so many pictures I could do multiple collages! Some were on the walls along the main streets and some were on walls in the alleyways. I chose this one for my main blip as it was one of the most beautiful I saw and didn’t looks as ‘bohemian’ as most of the others did. It was also painted along two garages in an alleyway, so I wonder how much exposure does it really get? I thought it was well worth a look.

The Extra photo shows a selection of other street art shots I took, as well as a view of the ‘Pedal Hopper’ tour - ‘the party as you pedal’. Looks like fun! I also like the name and artwork of the food truck behind it - ‘Tacos With Altitude’.

I ended up at the Denver Central Market - an interesting food hall with various eateries. They weren’t doing much business and some of them had closed for the day because the air conditioning had broken down. It was a very hot day! The ice cream place was doing a roaring business, though, and I did indulge myself! That sign in front of the bread basket of another eatery did tempt me!

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