I HATE LACK OF WIFI!!!! Life is impossible for a blipper 3rd world problem :))

##After going to bed at 2AM I got up at 5:30 to walk the 3km downhill to the sea. I went with this lovely lady Alona ( who had now said I must visit her in Ukraine...I place I would never have considered before this experience).
Years ago we used to escape under the fence to walk down to the town for a sneaky drink and always got into serious trouble fro Mr Korella (the camp owner ). When we were half way down we heard someone running after us...it was Christos their son who was 7/8 when I taught him English!!! He is so funny and kind he only came to join us and treat us to coffee and cheese pies!
We swam on the Sun’s Road (a Ukrainian saying to swim in its reflection)
The sea was warm, it was sooo quiet and restful ....so worth the little sleep.
Today was also sad as 30 of the students left with my 2 new teacher friends. I will miss them so much.
# one girl said she had found space in her case to pack me to take home to Odessa!!
# goodbye lovely friends I pray God gives an opportunity to meet again but always know you will be in my heart forever.

40 new students arrived at 5:00!!!! Here we go again!!!!

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