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My Day:
Well the weather put gardening on hold, it’s quite windy and raining here where I live. I did two dump runs and visited the petrol station for some fuel for the mower.
I went on a fact-finding trip to B&Q, got some info and ideas but no purchases, then back home for some lunch.
I need to completely renovate my bathroom and have spent most of the afternoon writing down what I believe I want style wise and any special requirements I want. When my little specification is finished, I should be able to give it to a contractor to quote from and hopefully there will be no misinterpretations or misunderstandings along the way.
Also, a quick visit to the supermarket for some bits and bobs.
Day 20/92
As mentioned above the weather is rather inclement here today, there is that fine rain in the air. When I was driving to the dump I was thinking if I raced I would have been 100% training on a day like today, I had the mindset that many fair weather cyclist would be tucked up at home and I would be braving the elements and it would be when I closed the gap physically and mentally on people better than me. I doubt is made any real difference, but it seemed to work for me mentally.
As I’m not racing anymore, I have decided to join the fair weather contingent and do 30 minutes on the rollers on my track bike.
 Update:- I just got my old legs to spin to 169 rpm on the roller session, sorry i just had to tell someone ;-)

Yesterday I came across my old Olympus XA2 in the attic… Goodness knows when it was last used.
I did not think to check and popped the back open and found a film in it… The two batteries were dead so I ordered a couple more on eBay for a few quid, I’m keen to see if the shutters will still work.
The flash was a bit poorly and I had to gently persuade the battery cover to come off and found an old AA battery which had leaked a bit. It came out easier than I though and I gently cleaned up the contacts.
I can’t imagine I will ever use it, but it will be interesting to see if it springs back into life with a couple of batteries.
More tomorrow

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