Bathroom ornament display

In a charity shop yesterday afternoon I bought the wee jug that is now housed in the middle of this display case in our back bathroom. I was first attracted to the jug because the decoration fits with the bathroom colour scheme. I also had a feeling that I 'knew' the picture of the orange-roofed house and tree.

My not-so-little sister is the expert on such things in our family, so I sent her a picture of my new acquisition as soon as I returned home. She thinks that the jug probably comes from a child's toy tea set. She also informed me that she has a tile of the same design in her flat in Newcastle. When she admitted that this tile is from our childhood dolls' house, I put in my claim for its return to me. This is on the grounds that (1) it will want to meet its 'relation', and (2) that dolls' house was mine first. Whether or not I'll get the tile back is uncertain, but at least I now know why I was first drawn to the jug in the charity shop yesterday.

As for today - well, it's been expensive. Our 14 year-old washing machine was declared dead by an engineer from Bosch at about 3:30pm. We ordered a replacement from the corner shop* an hour later.

*One of the big advantages of living in central Edinburgh is that our corner shop is John Lewis.

Exercise today: short run in 17'56", sit-ups, weights and stretches, small amount of walking (7,934 steps including run).

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