By TMac

The Distraction of the Painted Lady

Back to work today.
Some familiar faces which meant I was running behind - again - after an hour or so.

Put on my detective hat to try to disentangle the tale of a puppy with a very suspicious story - to be continued.

Attended to dog and owner after a car accident - not the original reason for the appointment. After being reassured that both were unhurt and attending to the original reason for the appointment, I found myself in a strange conversation about letting my hair go grey (the owner has been a client for a LONG time)!

Saw a long-term patient who worried me; just not himself. He hates everyone so will be a challenge to investigate if he needs further tests.

I made my escape and headed for my car after work, only to be surrounded by dozens of Painted Lady butterflies heading for the Buddleja bush at the back of the car park. I unlocked my car and grabbed my camera. As it was so hot outside, I left the driver's door and back door open to allow the car to air and set off to grab a "few" photos...

The Buddleja was heaving with butterflies. I was mesmerised. I admit that I lost track of time...

I heard someone call my name.

Our receptionist was marching up the car park with a look that was somewhere between grumpiness and relief. Apparently, a neighbour had called in to say that my car had been abandoned and he was worried about me...


I spent another 10 minutes explaining the amazing migration of the Painted Ladies. It seemed to work and by the time I left, I think I had been forgiven.

Amazing aren't they?

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