By TMac


One of those days. 3 counties covered by 5pm.
A busy clinic which ran on until 2.30pm.
A couple of slices of toast, a quick change, then back in the car for a drive through to Stirling where the teenagers were visiting a friend who has broken her ankle.

Teenagers are/can be great.
About 8 years ago, 5 of them met at a ski class. They hit it off immediately and passed through the ranks of ski school together.
They've kept in touch and have been skiing together over the years.

Now one of them is at university, two are on the cusp of their final year in school, and two are about to enter senior school and the exam system.

My two caught the bus, brought random unhealthy snacks, and they all enjoyed a day of playing on the Wii, singing along to HSM (really!!) and general nonsense.
When I arrived to collect my two, the sound of teenage whoops and laughter brought a tear. This is what these years are about.

On the way home, I spied a Highland Cow calving, so pulled in to watch. She was too far away for photos and I didn't want to disturb her.

This one had obviously calved a few days ago. I wonder what secret her calf was telling her. Perhaps they were just telling her there was a middle-aged woman propped up against a tree with a camera...

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