By TMac

Some Things Are Black and White

Thursdays are my cat days. I see cats on other days, but on Thursdays, I usually only see cats. Today was a busy cat morning. One patient readmitted from yesterday and back on a drip and pain relief - thankfully, looking perkier by the time I left. A couple of my regular "Silver Whiskers" oldies in to see me for routine checks. Most straightforward and rewarding consultations - just as I like them as it gives me time to chat and reassure owners.

This wee girl and her brother were in to be neutered before rehoming by the cat shelter. Within 30 minutes of coming round from their anaesthetics, they were playing, eating, making a mess, and generally behaving like the unruly teenagers they are.
Hopefully, they will have new homes very soon.

As soon as I finished I received a call from the teenagers wanting to go swimming, so I nipped home, picked them up, and beetled up to Dundee.
We then had to battle through the rush hour traffic to get to rugby training in Perth...

Hubby then called to ask me to pick up some things from the supermarket.
I had been feeling tense and grumpy all day, so seeing two dogs in a car in the car park on such a hot day caused my blood to boil.
Circling the car, I saw two dogs panting and obviously feeling very hot. I had just got my phone out of my pocket to take photos/videos before calling the Police when the owner arrived.

Me: Are these your dogs?
O : Yes.
Me: You shouldn't have left them in the car. It's 23°.
O: I only left them for 10 minutes. 
Me: That's too long. They're both panting and distressed. 
O: The car was unlocked (????)...
Me: How would that help? How would you feel if 10 minutes had been too long, and they had died? One of them is obviously older.
O: That wouldn't happen. 
Me: It could. I'm a vet. You're lucky I didn't call the Police. 
O: You're lucky you aren't struck off!

Me: For what? Caring?

I tend to see things in shades of grey, and find it tricky to take sides in some situations.
However, there are some things that are completely black and white to me, such as dogs in hot cars. Never going to apologise for calling people out for that one.

Conversation in the car on the way home was a mum-lecture on speaking out when you see something that could cause harm and the value of standing by your principles. Daughter had that look on her face. I know she takes it in though...

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