Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Went to The Metrocentre this afternoon to meet up with Neil.  Its ages since I have seen him so it was great to have a catch up.  We went to Ask Italian.  I had salmon wrapped in prosciutto in a tomato sauce served with potatoes and green beans.  Neil had Calzone pizza.  See my Extra shot for photos.

Neil went straight home after the meal but I had a mooch around the shops.  Bought some clothes and a few things in  Poundland.

Then I headed for " Exhibition Square" where the Metrognomes were performing.  They put on a show 4 times a day during the school holidays. The Metrognomes consist of Herbert, Sherbet, Rusty and Maggot.  This summer the theme is " At the Circus " .  There is a ringmaster and the Metrognomes perform a trick with hoops - as seen in my blip shot. Lots of singing too.  A special appearance was made by a member of the Moscow State Circus who balanced on a plank and did tricks - you can see in my collage -  he is flipping a bucket which he catches on his head.  The show was great fun for all the children watching.

Musical link - The Laughing GNOME by David Bowie.

This blip is my entry for the Happy Hump Day Wednesday challenge  hosted by zipster.  The idea is to share something that made you smile, giggle or otherwise brought you joy.  Such as watching The Metrognomes.

My Tesco online order was delivered on time this evening.  Nothing was missing and there were no substitutions. Its good to be all stocked up again. 

Steps today - 6,742

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