By Kipsie

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Chemicals, polystyrene, plastic.
Ella was very hyper this morning, I think there may have been too many E's in the Lidl's sausage she had with her biscuit for dinner last night. She could'nt settle once she was up & running ... literally, so had a longer walk doing a circular route that Nicky said she had done last week. The last stretch coming up from Cockington village was slow but that's not a problem .. Passing a house on the beginning of the road I spotted a lot of sawn timber stacked up by the gateway. I could see someone working through the skylight of what looked like an extension in the making so shouted up and asked if the timber was free. Yes help yourself :) Floor boards ideal for making raised beds for my allotment. All irregular lengths so will need a bit of work with a saw, but free, & doing my upcycling. I was a happy bunny :) Walked back, gave Ella a little treat, settled her down then set off to load the timber in the back of my little Aygo. Then down to meet a friend for coffee & botanical fix in Torre Abbey gardens. Had a very productive catch up, lists were made .. a swift half of Thatchers & people watch on Torquay seafront, & home again. I All the timber that I had left was completely gone, so whether it was skipped or someone grabbed it for upcycling I don't know, so pleased I went back earlier otherwise I may have been disappointed. Ella was still sound asleep, I tried to wake her but no .. so I left her to snooze while I cut all the heads off the lavender that I harvested a couple of days ago. I managed to do half before it was time to make dinner. Jansson's Frestelse tonight. I'd been meaning to make it for ages after buying the tins of anchovies in Lidl's. A good decision.

Thanks to Steveng for hosting ... I had a few ideas of what I would have liked to snap for today's challenge but had to plump for subject matter closer to home/base. Not many wind turbines or electric hook up points in the immediate area.

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