Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Spoilt for choice?

THIS was the original intent:-
"Clear flight path". Jerra & Clicky needed to go elsewhere en route to our usual scheduled garden Centre. There's never any point my accompanying them so I tend to "Prowl & point" - just in case.
Last visit I found a Wasps' nest which had no objections to my watching it. This time, I didn't even need to seek where it was; there was a very distinct Flight path - They might as well have had a ruddy great label & runway lights.

On to Dobbies, since the other is a bit cameraphobic for some ODD reason.
The usual flower macros were pointed at - and THEN - one of us spotted the Buddleja display.
NO CONTEST. Red Admirals, Tortoiseshells, and more Painted Ladies than, I think, I've seen in 1/2 a lifetime or more. Unfortunately I didn't spot an obliging Admiral though.

I think I got 7 in total in an extra and yes there actually is a very indistinct Wasp entering the "hole", I checked - BIGGLY.

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