On a whim, yesterday, I bought a "Venus Fly-trap" (Dionaea Muscipula)
It was rather sadly funny; I wish I'd shot the set up.
Some plants bore a label "Little Monsters", were encased in a plastic wrap-around label which doubled as a mix of label, info and handle and priced at £8.99
Others merely had a label with the name on the front + a rather snazzy hologram of it at work, the other side had a few general words of care.
These were priced at £5.49.
I thought it was a bit naughty slapping the parent s that way?
I knew and was told by label & Jerra, to us rain water. Since my rain catcher went kinda bust, There's Rockall in the Butt, but plenty in the pond, whence I scooped a 2ltr jugful. It wasn't until said water was in the "Saucer" around the plant that i spotted life therein.
Shots by camera NOT much cop, try microscope on lowest Mag. - 60X equally no good on the biggy I only saw about 1/3 per view before it shot off again. Try tiny ≈ 1 - 1.5mm - better - BUT food stopped play and as i'd been reducing volume to reduce scope for dashing about it had dried by the time we'd scoffed. The extra  - the corpse of the tiniest one.
Well, you gotta try?
Better luck next time.
The tiny one, BTW, is in the main photo for comparison against the biggy.

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