What a difference ˚s make.

Blipmeet at Mae's Tea-room Uldale.
Popular spot it was too; 15 of us, and, coincidentally apparently, another booked party of 15. We weren't booked and I suspect they'd have needed a shoe-horn had the weather been less than clement; or we'd have to shift.
As ever on a Blipmeet - it matters not one tittle or jot you are bound to end up with multiseveral to sift through.

One forgot one's extras - daft old PILLOCK!

1. Oh? The ˚s difference; I checked on the map and we seemed to be looking at Skiddaw about 45˚ out of phase from the view I was accustomed to.

2. It could have been unpleasant - BUT - Towards close of play, fortunately; the wasp(s) was/were taking an interest in all food & drink although what the attraction was to a mug handle defeats me.

3. For my record only. - Just in case I, either live long enough &/or visit again in a year or several's time I shot this baby Oak Tree.
Jerra read the label, but I'd have known 100% had I been close enough, but NOT from this distance.
It'll be interesting to watch it. I visited  the "The Pheasant Inn" at Bassenthwaite on another Blipmeet and checked the "Tree up a Tree" four years after it was first taken  by me, and the difference was quite significant.

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