Work was a normal day, but at lunchtime I went to Debenhams and bought a fitted sheet to fit the new bed that is coming tomorrow, together with a king size duvet cover. I don’t have a king size duvet yet, but will get one soon. A lovely cover reduced from £90 to £27 and in a colour that will match the colour in the bedroom. Probably a future blip!

Left at 4.45 for the 4.49 bus and ran for it! Then at home, discussed with Mollie our next run due today. It was supposed to be a 28 minute run. We decided to run to Sustead ( the next village) 14 minutes, then turn and run back. But after about 16 minutes we were feeling ok, so said we would try for 30 minutes, and so it went on. Then we hit 4K. We had a fair way to walk home, so just kept running, and in the end Mollie was so keen to try to hit the magic 5K mark, we ran straight past the house and kept going until we did it. With hindsight, I think I’m not really ready to run this far, but clearly Mollie is and could have done it quicker without me. I think I’ll go back and do the 28 minutes on Saturday.

Anyway, the proof is here in my very red face as well as the Fitbit data!

Jon has worked extremely hard today to get our bedroom ready for the delivery of our new bed tomorrow. He dismantled the wardrobe and old bed, so we will sleep on the mattress on the floor tonight. The room already looks so much bigger and I’m really pleased.

We have more news today. Henry will be starting an electrician apprenticeship on Monday. He had an interview yesterday and it has all happened very quickly. We think it is going to be a very good opportunity for him, to continue with his training, whilst also getting work experience, and getting paid! Feeling proud of us all today!

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