Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Giants in the Garden

There has been an explosion of swallowtail butterflies in the garden in the last few weeks, much to my joy.  Today there were a number of Tiger swallowtails and two aptly named Giant Swallowtails.  Not so many years ago, these big flyers were a rarity here in northern NJ, but they've become much more common in recent years.  Still, it is a thrill to see them fluttering about.  Unlike the Tiger ST's, the Giants almost never stay still so I have better luck shooting side (lateral) views of them.  I loved the colors of this, with the brilliant phlox against a rich green background.  

Another female monarch, this one in very good condition, leaving eggs around the garden.  These could be the migratory generation so I'll collect some of them tomorrow and rear them in one of my enclosures.  From egg to butterfly in 30 days...isn't nature just amazing?

We had some jolting news today, but nothing we can't navigate through.  Still, I'd like to have a couple of years where things are predictable.  Maybe that just isn't realistic at this stage in our lives.  

Did the gym today - only my third time this week, so I hope to get there tomorrow and Sunday which would put me at five for the week.  Still having issues with the pulled groin muscle - am I the only one who has noticed that things take longer to heal as we "mature"?  Sheesh.

Thank you for the love on my grisly blip yesterday - you're the best!


On Depression...still on the subject of how to respond if someone in your life tells you they have/or think they have depression...I can't stress enough how much it helps to just listen.  And how little it helps to pretend like it's nothing or that it will go away if the person just tries harder.  Or, perhaps worst of all, to change the subject.  When someone tells you they are depressed, this is usually an indication that they need/want to have a sympathetic, non-judgemental ear.  Is it hard?  You bet.  But it is an act of love and kindness.

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