Awaiting an audience

I'm still editing the first of two journal articles that I said that I would check for one of my colleagues. I'm about two thirds through the findings now, so hope to finish the manuscript next week, Fringe shows permitting.

This evening we kicked off the 2019 Edinburgh Festivals season with a night out as guests of Winsford and Mr T. We started at their house for drinks and an early supper, then walked together to Tynecastle stadium for the opening concert of the Festival proper. There the LA Philharmonic entertained us with music from the movies. We were also rather amused by the antics of (1) the seagulls who swooped over the audience in the hope of snatching food, and (2) some smaller audience members who showed their appreciation of the music by dancing in the stalls (as captured by Winsford in her blip for today).

The highlight of the concert for me in terms of the music was the Pink Panther theme. This is one of the few pieces that I recognised - I need to get out more! The funniest moment came, however, when the orchestra played the Superman theme and a father dressed in a Superman outfit picked up his small daughter dressed as Superwoman to 'fly' her around a section of the seating in the main part of the stadium.

Afterwards we returned to the Winsfords' house for cheese, Port/wine and chat. Then Mr hazelh and I travelled home on the most packed bus we have ever experienced as passengers. At 11:30pm on an August Friday night on a number 27 bus in Edinburgh it felt like morning rush hour inside a London tube carriage. There's no doubting that this is the first weekend of the Festival and Fringe.

My blip shows a section of seating at Tynecastle that I photographed before the stadium filled up for the evening.

Exercise today: walking (14,069 steps).

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