By TMac

It's a Dog's Life

Today could have been a challenge.
After a poor night's sleep on the back of challenging circumstances, I was in no humour to do much.

However, eldest child needed a lift at 9am so I had no choice but to get moving. Meanwhile, a switched-on friend cajoled me via messaging to keep putting one foot in front of the other.
So, I threw my camera around my neck, filled my pockets with poo-bags and set off with the dogs.

Gradually, little by little, my shoulders felt less heavy and my head less full.
I met a client on the walk and found myself making small talk and being sociable; something I had most certainly intended to avoid!

I found my way to my "thinking seat" and let the sun warm my face.
It was beginning to heat up so the dogs found a patch in the heather to lie down.
This is the spot that I diagnosed Brisa's Lymphoma over a year ago. I always give her a wee check over when we stop here, usually with my heart in my mouth. I realised how long it has been since I walked the dogs down here; somewhere I used to walk daily...

Later, I picked a friend up at the train station and we spent an enjoyable 3 hours wandering around the Fife coast before heading home to feed 7 excitable teenage girls.

I really need my bed but they are sleeping out in the garden tonight, the tent positioned right under our bedroom window...
It could be another sleepless night, but I don't mind the sounds of happy teens...

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