By NellieD

The Tempest

Book club was at Ordsall Hall tonight watching the Handlebards (the girls) perform The Tempest.  Next Sunday we are back watching the boy Handlebards perform Much Ado About Nothing.

The Handlebards are cycling actors who carry all the set, props and costume needed to perform extremely energetic, charmingly chaotic and environmentally sustainable Shakespeare.  Since May, the girls have cycled 1030 miles!

It was slightly mad, very random - I've never seen a seagull perform The Floss before - but just good fun and a way of bringing Shakespeare to new audiences.  Listening to really young children laugh all the way through it was great and perhaps not what you would expect.

Quote for today:
We are such stuff as dreams are made upon, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.
- William Shakespeare, The Tempest

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