Woman Walking

By njoyce06

Florida Bonsai President Came to Visit........

 Today was the  Bonsai Club Meeting.  We are affiliated with the State Club as well as the National Club.  The new president came to talk with us about various matters, one of them being the State Convention of Bonsai in Orlando next May.  It's the first time in 10 years of doing Bonsai that officials come to the nursery.
It was the perfect opportunity for me to practice more sneaky photography....     While it wasn't street located, there were over 50 people there all talking and interacting.  I wanted to catch them in their natural state of interaction and conversation.   It was harder than I thought, as everyone kept turning towards me when they saw the iPhone.  They know I get photos, and they are always on the lookout for me, ready to smile and pose.
      Since I hadn't met the president before, he was very busy interacting with the crowd and I was able to get pictures of him.   In the extra is a photo of another gentleman, who doesn't associate camera with me, I was able to capture his intense pondering of what was being said.......

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