Sprout lover

By robharris35


Filter coffee isn’t habitually drunk across Mozambique, except by those with Portuguese ancestry, who devour it greedily. It’s usual to find tins of instant coffee in most random corners, but ever since I travelled to Vietnam regularly, I’ve appreciated the buzz of a strong cup. This product hails from Niassa Province in the far north of the country, where we have our longest-running conservation project. Whenever I see this I’ll buy it as down the chain it benefits farmers in what I believe is the poorest province in a poor country.

The work day was one of those that crescendoed at the end, leaving an inbox in disarray and a to-do list on acid. Instead of working all evening I went to the gym and braved the free weights section. I never liked these areas due to the posturing and faffing, but I’m pleased I did.

As I came through the front door of the block, sweating, Manuel one of the security (at a stretch) guards, was wrapped up in full winter gear with only his nose, eyes and mouth showing. He was buried in a copy of the bible and filled his coat face-hole with a beaming smile when I asked what he was reading. It was a nice moment on which to end the day.

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