Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Well, at least I think they are siblings since they seem to have come from eggs left by the same female several weeks ago.  These are several of the caterpillars that I've left in the garden.  I put a net bag over their milkweed plant which gives them protection from parasitic flies and hungry wasps.  When I went out to check on them this morning they were both up at the top of the plant eating the stalk - never mind that there is a whole perfectly good plant full of yummy, juicy leaves just below.  Anyway, as soon as I saw them, nose to nose, I kind of knew I had my blip.  The light was perfect and so was the background so, other than a little crop, I didn't do a thing to this.  

I think there are 25 or so caterpillars in various milkweed patches in my gardens right now.  I will start collecting some eggs this week, as eggs left now will be the migrating generation.  And in the meantime, I have 10 or so caterpillars that may or may not migrate in containers right now.  There is a lot that scientists don't know about what makes some monarchs programmed to migrate while others may stay and breed.  In theory, it is all about the time of year, but when you get into late August/first week of September, it's a toss-up as to whether emerging monarchs will fly or breed.  

Got some heavy-duty pesticide dust in the mail today to deal with the wasp nest that is in the venting system of our hot-water heater.  I hate using anything like this, but leaving the wasps in the walls of our house simply isn't an option.  Already, we are getting some in the house and basement, so....  tonight we'll garb up and go put dust into the vent opening, hoping it does what it should.  Sigh.

Gym today, that's two days for the week with a goal of five.  I did almost 3.5 miles on the treadmill today, with an average heart rate of 128 which is exactly right for my heart health.  Other than that, I did some pottering in the garden, planted some milkweed cuttings, netted some plants, and so on.  And I spent far too much time watching the caterpillars as they calmly munched on milkweed.  There is something very zen about watching caterpillars eat. 

Thanks very much to Nickimags888 for hosting Tiny Tuesday this month!


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