What a Beauty!

Today I've been left in charge of the clinic for the first time and everything went well, I'm feeling a lot more confident and have dealt with most things without having to pick up the phone to ask for help.  I did treat myself to a 10 minute session in the massage chair though, but in fairness I didn't have a lunch break, and Nik had told me to try it, so I did :-)

Lorraine, Emily and Jen arrived at lunch time, dropped their bags off and then went into Brighton for the afternoon as they knew I'd be home late as I had a hospital appointment at 6pm.  My appointment was with Ben to discuss how my shoulder has been since the injection on Friday and also to talk about the next steps.  It's still looking like I will need to have surgery, but we've agreed to meet up at the beginning of October to see how I've got on and make a final decision.  As we go to Singapore in just over 4 weeks, I wouldn't want anything done before then, so it makes sense to see him on my return.  

I arrived at the Nuffield a little early for my appointment, and as I know there's a nesting box for the Kestrels I went outside to see if I could see any, and as luck would have it, this little beauty was sat on top of the box.  It looks fairly young, and I love the colours of it's beak!

And can you believe it, as I drove to the Nuffield, I saw a guy coming from the sunflower field that I blipped the other day and he'd obviously decided to cut some for himself as he was proudly carrying a huge bunch of very tall sunflowers!  It so annoying as they're not there to be picked, and there's a Tesco store nearby selling them for about £3 a bunch!

It was nice to see our visitors when I got home and we've spent a lovely evening catching up.  I'm working tomorrow, so they're left to their own devices, but then we've got Thursday and Friday together which will be nice.

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