By gennepher

Meadow Brown...

...She has been around the past few days, but I have not been able to photograph her. She is in front of me now.

It just happens that I was dead heading this Buddliea to encourage more flowers for the butterflies. But alas I cut one branch with flowers on accidentally :(

So I put them in a bucket of water next to me. And guess what? This little Meadow Brown landed on this cut Buddliea! And so I was able to photograph it!

It was bright sunlight which bleached her colour out, so I put her through Vignette in Snapseed and through Portrait.

So here she is!

Have a good day.

UPDATE: In extra is the same Meadow Brown on the same Buddliea, but I took it with my Huawei device. It is not such a good camera as the iPad, especially for a small creature like this, but the Huawei camera had an illusion setting (which blurred the background), and I wanted to try it. But I still needed to frame it etc so, I mailed it over to the iPad. Then I put it through Snapseed with the same as the main blip photo, but it comes out much gentler.

I quite liked it. So I have put it in extras. You may say which you like best. If you like the extra best, I might try some more photos with the Huawei device. And mail them over to the iPad for Snapseed frame and name (because not enough available space on the Huawei for any other apps).

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