Fitness class this afternoon.  Ritchie was in charge as our instructor Emma is on holiday in Switzerland. Then a bit of shopping in Tesco.

As I was walking home I had a tumble.  Think I must have tripped on an uneven paving stone - next thing I was hitting the ground........ chin first.  Oh boy it did hurt.  My left knee also hit the ground and is bruised and scraped and I have a few scrapes on each hand.  But the chin is the worst.  Its grazed, bruised and swollen. See my extra shot. 

A van stopped when I was still on the ground and a chap came over to ask if I was OK.  I assured him that I was and that I lived nearby.  It was kind of him to stop.  When I got home I rested for a while and haven't done anything strenuous for the rest of the day.  Didn't go to Slimming Club as I didn't fancy going out again.  I'm OK apart from some pain in my chin and knee and feeling generally sore.

The Mono Monday challenge word is - melange meaning a varied mixture, selection, assortment etc.  My blip shot shows my treat box. It contains a selection of sweet treats which are low in syns.  Thanks to 60plus for hosting.

Musical link CURLY by The Move

Steps today - 8,864

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